Thursday, July 19, 2012

Positions of Love-making


Loving making is a way to keep your partner pleased, and at same time keep you young and energetic…
As this was invested by god, I would wonder how the first man and first woman know how to make this kind of act when there is no one teaching them!
I am sure those Sexologist has the answers but not me.

Well, some of the HK men and woman had less then 2.3 times love making a month.
HK is classified one of the top ten richest cities in Asia, but the sex fulfillment likely the last ranked in Asia… Why?

Because HK people have no fun at all, they are money minded; mostly I should say but of course not all. They have to work hard or they will be forced to leave the company, they have financial burden especially the middle class and the grass-root class. Their houses are usually small; they can even hear the people in their neighborer who may be yelling and longing for the next orgasm making love at night…
Well, try to open yourself and try the many ways and positions of love–making, it make bring you a younger look, make you feel lighter, happier. But if your sex partner is a fans of the old missionary position. Well keep do that position with her without trying something absurb or you wil be suspected!  And keep your energy with some other Civilized and liberated women outside!
HK Snob


SteveBrad said...

Continue to experiment with sex to make it more interesting, try to apply various techniques rather than rather than doing the same thing over and over again. Discuss with your partner if he enjoys a certain pose or not.
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Brooke Spillman said...

I am a sexologist. Instinct is what draws one person to perform a sexual act correctly on another. And it's that other persons instincts and cues that would draw them to the right method correctly. NOW, that's not to say mistakes can't be made, because often they were and still are; wrong species, rape, wrong "place". You get the picture.
Making love is certainly a beautiful way to share intimacy and bond with your mate. You had wonderful information about the health benefits. It IS God's gift to us little people. It is functional, free and fun!

HK Snob said...

Hi Brooke.
Love making is one of my sources of LIFE, Happiness and Charge UP!
It is the Bonnus of the week when I go home and start working on it.
It is a Vitamin for making people younger, more energetic... I think
You must have all the experience in making that!? And You must have a lot of knowledge on that. Sexologist...! Thanks for your comment!
HK Snob